Privately owned Kyron, a wholly South African-owned company has been making pet and animal health products for more than 25 years. A wide range and superb quality have made Kyron a trusted name, not only in South Africa, but also in many overseas and African countries.

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Product Name
Product Name Category Breed Description Pack size(s) Registration number Image
TICK GREASE, KYRON Cattle & Farm Animals Cattle & Farm Animals Contains cypermethrin and chorfenvinphos in a special ointment base. The two-way action ensures that it remains 100% effective against ticks. 500g, 2kg, 5kg Reg. No. G3752 Act 36/194 TICK GREASE, KYRON
ULTRUM DURATION Flies, Fleas & Ticks Dogs Use on carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding, crevices in the floor, etc. Contains permethrin, esbiothrin and pyriproxifen (Insect Growth Regulator). Gives instant knock-down of adult fleas, 2 month's activity against biting fleas and over 6 month's activity against larval and egg forms. One can covers ± 15-20m2.
350ml Reg. No. L7504 Act 36/194 ULTRUM DURATION
ULTRUM FLEA & TICK POWDER Flies, Fleas & Ticks Dogs & Cats 1.5% Propoxur in a perfumed talc base, packed in a powder shaker — controls fleas, ticks, feather mites, red mites and lice on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and birds, including cage birds and poultry. Safe for use on rabbits.
100g Reg. No. G3473 Act 36/194 ULTRUM FLEA & TICK POWDER
ULTRUM LINE-UP Flies, Fleas & Ticks Dogs A quick and convenient way to ensure dogs stay flea and tick free. One treatment of ULTRUM Line-up for dogs kills adult fleas on contact and continues to kill for up to 4 weeks. Contains permethrin and pyriproxifen. Suitable for puppies 6 weeks of age and over.
Dogs less than 10kg, Dogs 10-20kg, Dogs 20-40kg, Dogs greater than 40kg Reg. No. G3390 Act 36/194 ULTRUM LINE-UP
ULTRUM ORIGINAL SHAMPOO Flies, Fleas & Ticks Dogs and Cats Luxury insecticidal, flea & tick shampoo safe for use on cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Contains natural pyrethrum, piperonyl butoxide, humectant, lanolin and conditioners. 250ml, 5L Reg. No. G1758 Act 36/194 ULTRUM ORIGINAL SHAMPOO
ULTRUM PLUS SHAMPOO Flies, Fleas & Ticks Dogs Luxury insecticidal, flea & tick shampoo for dogs. Contains evening primrose oil, permethrin (for extended action), esbiothrin (for instant knockdown), piperonyl butoxide, lanolin and conditioners. 250ml, 5L Reg. No. G2770 Act 36/194 ULTRUM PLUS SHAMPOO
ULTRUM ULTIMATE LONG-ACTING SPRAY Flies, Fleas & Ticks Dogs Flea and tick spray for dogs, containing permethrin, es-bioallethrin, piperonyl butoxide and pyriproxifen. Kills ticks. Kills fleas on contact and eliminates 100% of fleas in 24 hours. Keeps killing adult fleas for up to 4 weeks. Eliminates flea eggs and larvae for over 3 months. Suitable for puppies 7 weeks of age and over. 125ml, 225ml, 1L Refill Reg. No. G3281 Act 36/194 ULTRUM ULTIMATE LONG-ACTING SPRAY
WOUNDINE Wound Treatment All Animals Solution containing 10% povidone-iodine for wound treatment or as a topical antiseptic in all animals. 500ml pump spray, 5L Reg. No. G1545 Act 36/194 WOUNDINE

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