Privately owned Kyron, a wholly South African-owned company has been making pet and animal health products for more than 25 years. A wide range and superb quality have made Kyron a trusted name, not only in South Africa, but also in many overseas and African countries.

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Product Name Category Breed Description Pack size(s) Registration number Image
PET DENT FRESH BREATH ORAL RINSE Dental Dogs and Cats A pleasant-tasting sugar- and alcohol-free oral rinse especially formulated for dogs and cats. Contains chlorhexidine gluconate, zinc gluconate and calcium glycerophosphate. Used between brushings or after an oral procedure as an aid to oral hygiene (it does not replace gels or brushing with toothpaste). 100ml N/A PET DENT FRESH BREATH ORAL RINSE
PET DENT ORAL GEL Dental Dogs and Cats Palatable oral gel for dogs and cats containing chlorhexidine and zinc. Inhibits plaque formation, kills pathogens associated with oral infections and helps reduce offensive mouth odours. Promotes oral hygiene in pets. 60g N/A PET DENT ORAL GEL
PET DENT TOOTHBRUSH Dental Dogs This unique "double-ended" toothbrush with its special long handle (22cm) will reach far back in the dog's mouth. Use with PET DENT Toothpaste (Sold Seperately)
PET DENT TOOTHPASTE Dental Dogs and Cats Palatable, malt-flavoured dental paste for dogs and cats. Contains whiteners and chlorhexidine. Brushing is the first line recommendation in promoting good oral hygiene. 60g N/A PET DENT TOOTHPASTE
PET NURSER KITS Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Ideal for supplementing milk to newborn puppies and kittens (use with Milko-pup or KittyMilk- each sold seperately). Measurements are clearly marked on the side of the bottle and the kit includes a cleaning brush and extra silicone nipple. N/A N/A PET NURSER KITS
PET TABS FORTE Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Comprehensive cheese and liver flavoured nutritional supplement — containing protein, minerals and vitamins — in a tablet form for cats and dogs. 120 tablets Reg. No. V10325 Act 36/19 PET TABS FORTE
PETSCREEN SPF23 Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Clear liquid sunscreen spray for protection of susceptible animals (e.g lightly-pigmented dogs or cats). Contains 4 different sunscreen agents to give complete coverage of the UV spectrum. 100ml spray N/A PETSCREEN SPF23
PHEROMA POWDER Health & Beauty All Animals Scientifically-formulated, patented odour neutraliser in powder form for deodorising litter of cats, hamsters and other animals. This harmless powder immediately removes all unpleasant pet odours, especially urine and faecal odours. Can be used inside vacuum cleaner bags and dustbins. 500g N/A PHEROMA POWDER
PHEROMA SPRAY Health & Beauty All Animals Scientifically-formulated, patented odour neutraliser spray that chemically neutralises offensive pet odours, especially effective for canine and feline urine odours and anal gland odours. Will not stain or damage fabrics. 200ml spray N/A PHEROMA SPRAY
PIPERAZINE ADIPATE 100% POWDER Deworming All Animals Anthelmintic for use in all animals, including poultry – for treatment of ascarids and threadworm.
100g, 500g, 1kg Reg. No. G1931 Act 36/194 PIPERAZINE ADIPATE 100% POWDER

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