Privately owned Kyron, a wholly South African-owned company has been making pet and animal health products for more than 25 years. A wide range and superb quality have made Kyron a trusted name, not only in South Africa, but also in many overseas and African countries.

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Product Name
Product Name Category Breed Description Pack size(s) Registration number Image
HEALTHITREATS, MOBIFLEX Health & Beauty Dogs Great tasting nutritional treats for dogs, enriched with the benefits of MobiFlex mobility supplement. MobiFlex HealthiTreats help to maintain cartilage matrix in dogs and assist in the relief of stiffness & joint pain.
12 biscuits per box Reg. No. V25048 Act 36/19 HEALTHITREATS, MOBIFLEX
HEPTONIC Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Palatable tonic containing liver, iron and B Complex vitamins as an aid to recovery from debilitating diseases or surgery. 100ml, 500ml, 5L Reg. No. V11113 Act 36/19 HEPTONIC
KITTYMILK Health & Beauty Cats Nutritional supplement and milk replacer for orphaned or rejected kittens. Also used as a food supplement for all cats, including those that are convalescing, pregnant or lactating. Contains taurine, arginine, fat, protein, vitamins & minerals. 250g, 2.5kg Reg. No. V16752 Act 36/19 KITTYMILK
KYROGEST ANTACID Cattle & Farm Animals Cattle & Farm Animals For treatment of rumen acidosis. 12 x 320g sachets Reg. No. G1788 Act 36/194 KYROGEST ANTACID
KYROGEST FORTE Cattle & Farm Animals Cattle & Farm Animals For normalising digestion in the rumen. 20 x 190g sachets Reg. No. G1789 Act 36/194 KYROGEST FORTE
LAXAPET Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Palatable laxative gel in a tube for treating hairballs in cats and constipation in dogs and cats. 50g Reg. No. G1548 Act 36/194 LAXAPET
MADAJI GALL POWDER Cattle & Farm Animals Cattle & Farm Animals A traditional formula for the treatment of gallsickness, constipation and other digestive
disturbances in cattle and sheep.
500g Reg. No. G2651 Act 36/194 MADAJI GALL POWDER
MADAJI MILKING CREAM Health & Beauty Cattle & Farm Animals & Humans Antibacterial milking salve with lanolin and Vitamin E to keep udder and quarters soft and supple. Contains no perfume and will not taint milk. 475ml, 2kg, 5kg, 50ml N/A MADAJI MILKING CREAM
MILKO-PUP Health & Beauty Dogs Milk replacer for puppies that cannot get bitch’s milk (e.g. orphaned or rejected puppies or those nursing but requiring supplementation). Can also be used for growing puppies, geriatric dogs and dogs under stress or convalescing.
250g, 5kg Reg. No. V10323 Act 36/19 MILKO-PUP
Milko-Pup Puppy Starter Kit Health & Beauty Dogs Milko-Pup Puppy Starter Kit for Puppies is the complete milk replacer feed for puppies. The products included have been scientifically formulated to support puppy development to enable you to give your puppy the nutritional care it deserves.
N/A Reg. No. V10323 Act 36/19 Milko-Pup Puppy Starter Kit

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