Privately owned Kyron, a wholly South African-owned company has been making pet and animal health products for more than 25 years. A wide range and superb quality have made Kyron a trusted name, not only in South Africa, but also in many overseas and African countries.

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Product Name
Product Name Category Breed Description Pack size(s) Registration number Image
AVERT Health & Beauty All Animals Powerful non-toxic bitter solution that discourages pets from chewing, licking and biting bandages, wounds, stitches, etc. For all animals. 100ml with dropper nozzle N/A AVERT
BRIGHTEYE Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Buffered isotonic solution for safe, effective removal of tear secretion stains in animals. Will not burn, sting or irritate. 100ml spray N/A BRIGHTEYE
CANI-CAL Health & Beauty Dogs Calcium supplement containing vitamins and minerals for dogs. Excellent supplement for pregnant and lactating bitches. 250g, 2.5kg Reg. No. V10328 Act 36/19 CANI-CAL
CANI-VIT Health & Beauty Dogs Complete, comprehensive vitamin/mineral/protein supplement for dogs formulated with real liver (making it very palatable). 250g, 5kg Reg. No. V10326 Act 36/19 CANI-VIT
CLEAN EAR Health & Beauty Dogs and Cats Non-medicated, gentle, ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats. Contains organic acids, propylene glycol and docusate (to dissolve wax) in an aqueous base. 30ml dropper bottle, 100ml dropper bottle with long nozzle Reg. No. G3446 Act 36/194 CLEAN EAR
DARROWS SOLUTION Health & Beauty Dogs, Cattle & Farm Animals Oral electrolyte, energy & fluid replacement for small and large animals. 250ml, 2.5L Reg. No. V10536 Act 36/19 DARROWS SOLUTION
DEBRIZYME Wound Treatment Dogs, Cattle & Farm Animals An aerosol wound dressing spray that aids in the treatment of external wounds and also assists healing through debridement and by stimulation of epithelial tissue. Contains trypsin, castor oil, peru balsam, vitamin A and vitamin E. 150ml Spray Reg. No. G1791 Act 36/194 DEBRIZYME
DEMOMANGE CREAM Health & Beauty Dogs Trichlorfon in cream base for treatment of demodectic mange, especially in the facial area or when dipping is difficult. 50g Reg. No. G1923 Act 36/194 DEMOMANGE CREAM
DIARRHOEA POWDER Health & Beauty Cattle & Farm Animals Diarrhoea treatment for ruminants. Contains tannic acid, calcium carbonate and kaolin levis. 10 x 120g sachets Reg. No. G1748 Act 36/194 DIARRHOEA POWDER
DOCUSOL Cattle & Farm Animals Cattle & Farm Animals Surfactant for treatment of bloat and constipation. Also for cleaning ears. 500ml Reg. No. G1790 Act 36/194 DOCUSOL

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